Success Stories

There is no single definition of success at California MENTOR.  For some, it’s seeing an individual’s satisfaction after reaching a goal in the community.  For others, it’s hearing a young boy or girl’s first words.

California MENTOR and our partners are committed to the notion of everyday miracles.  Our employees and Mentors are devoted to making them happen for the people we support.  The stories showcased in this section demonstrate the power of individual achievement, personal breakthrough, and lives well lived.  They introduce amazing people and illustrate the life-changing impact of our programs.

A Heart for Helping Others

These days, Dennis is feeling the positive effects of being active and helping others. His doctor asked him what had caused such an improvement in his mental, emotional and physical health.  Dennis told him, “I am a Mentor now!”

Learn more about Dennis and his heart for helping others.

Casey Overcomes Past Challenges

Casey struggled through some tough years in school as a child before discovering California MENTOR's College 2 Career program and paving his way for culinary success.

Learn more about Casey's passion for cooking and his goal of running his own restaurant.

California MENTOR, Success Stories

The Shires Have Changed Lives

Tim and Delia Shires provided more than a home for Krissy and Joanne; they gave them a place to explore new hobbies and become the people that they wanted to be.

Read on to see how Tim and Delia changed the lives of Krissy and Joanne.

California MENTOR, Success Stories

Billy and John Wanted to Help

It was evident from the beginning that Billy and John would be ideal Mentors.  Charlie and Willie have benefited from their support and now have a place they can truly call home.

Learn more about how Billy and John wanted to “help someone help themselves.”

California MENTOR, Success Stories

Adam Knows He Has Found a Home

After spending years in group homes, Adam moved into the home of Mentors Dawn and Jesse.  He now feels like part of a caring family and is grateful for new experiences.

Read on to see how Dawn and Jesse have been ideal Mentors for Adam.

California MENTOR, Success Stories

Cloey Blossomed with Help from CHP

Cristal, a teacher with Creative Home Programs, helped little Cloey learn and grow.  She also taught Elizabeth and George proper care to allow their daughter to blossom.

Watch our video to see how Cloey learned at home with the help of CHP.