Children & Families

At California MENTOR, we offer innovative programs that are designed to help children with developmental disabilities learn and grow in classrooms, as well as natural family settings. 

In addition, our services assist families in providing care that allows their sons and daughters to reach their potential and experience life with unlimited possibilities.

We support children and their families by offering two programs with a shared goal of helping children lead happy, healthy lives:

  • Early Intervention: Creative Home Programs (CHP), a partner of California MENTOR, provides in-home early intervention services and therapy for children from birth to age 3 who have developmental disabilities and other complex challenges.  Early intervention specialists identify each child’s strengths and use play-based learning to help children learn naturally.  CHP also helps parents understand their children's needs and ensures they are comfortable with providing ongoing, specialized care.
  • Family Behavioral Services: Through classes, assessments, and in-home interventions, we help parents address behavioral challenges their children may face.  We use real-life strategies that are delivered in both family and group settings.  The training and support that we provide expands a family's knowledge and improves a child’s behavior.