Independent Living Services

California MENTOR, independent living services, intellectual and developmental disabilitiesMoving into a new home can be a challenging experience for anyone.  For many of us, home is a source of happy memories, routines and comfort.  Leaving that behind and transitioning from one home to the next can be difficult.

California MENTOR’s Independent Living Services—or “Bridges”—program is designed to help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities navigate this transitional stage and be successful in their new home.  Whether they are planning to leave a family home or group home, we help individuals understand their options and prepare to live independently.

Individualized Service and Support

Our program is called “Bridges” because we help individuals bridge the gap between living with support from others and living on their own.  We provide support for a given period of time, after which individuals can live successfully on their own or get continued assistance from our Supported Living program.

We get to know each person in our Bridges program and design services that leverage their strengths and help them build confidence for the future.  We provide support with:

  • Finding a place to live
  • Finding a roommate
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Accessing medical resources
  • Accessing public transit
  • Becoming aware of personal safety
  • Maintaining health & wellness
  • Managing stress

Bridges also provides services for individuals who live with their parents or other caregivers who may be unable to provide continued support.  We assist with the transition into a home of the individual’s choosing, such as:

Transitional Support

Family, friends, California MENTOR staff and professionals from the state’s Regional Centers are all part of the planning process that results in a Living Transition Profile for each person.

California MENTOR, Independent Living ServicesWe work with the individuals before they move and help them learn the routines of being away from home, and do so at a pace that is comfortable for them.  Whether it’s keeping their house clean, walking to the store, or managing money, the individuals in Bridges know what to expect when they move into the community on their own.

As individuals reach the stage of independence, we gradually reduce assistance to just a few hours per week or month, but are never more than a phone call away if someone needs support.

Learn more about Bridges by contacting the California MENTOR office nearest you.