College Programs

California MENTOR, college programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

At California MENTOR, we believe that everyone has a right to pursue an education and realize their dreams.  That’s why we offer two programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who want to attend college and further their education.  With our College to Career and College Support programs, we provide a range of opportunities for individuals to continue learning and share new experiences with peers who can become long-lasting friends.

College to Career

College to Career (C2C)—offered by Harbor Regional Center through a partnership with California MENTOR, Long Beach City College, and HOPE Inc.—offers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the support they need to succeed in school and participate in college life.  C2C provides students with the opportunity to live in an off-campus apartment, choose from over 100 courses of study, and receive academic coaching and other supports that help them succeed in the classroom.  California MENTOR works with each student to create Individualized Service Plans and delivers personalized support to help students become more independent in off-campus apartments and in the community.

College Support

As part of California MENTOR’s day programs, our College Support program offers individuals the chance to take community-college classes.  We offer assistance with everything from enrollment to tutoring and transportation, ensuring a successful experience for each individual.  College Support is an option for adults with minimal support in day programs throughout throughout California who are able to attend class independently, as well as those who need assistance with getting around campus.